Observations 5

A Pawel Kuczynski’s illustration.

Test shot with Neewer LED Lights JYLED-500S

Here is one of the test shots I took, using the Neewer LED lights. As you can see the lights work quite well for smaller product photography and controlling the shadows is pretty easy.

My camea setup:

  • PENTAX K-5 with SMC PENTAX-A Zoom 1:3.5 35-105mm
  • Induro CT314 tripod
  • Manfrotto 405 Pro Digital Geared Head
  • Manfrotto 454 Micrometric Positioning Sliding Plate (Used for small left or right camera movements without having to reposition the tripod.)

Close Up

Cable modem.

What is it?

Probably a simple guess. 🙂

Observations 4

A Pawel Kuczynski’s illustration.


Remember the Mandelbrot set? The ultimate fractal? It’s the one that started the fractal craze in the 1980s and 1990s. I still have a few fractal apps available on my computer and for old time sake, I will share some nice examples in several blog posts the coming days.

Observations 3

A Pawel Kuczynski’s illustration.


This banana peel mimics life; from fresh to decay. Yet, there is still beauty in it, I think.

Observations 2

Another of Pawel Kuczynski’s illustrations.

Observations 1

Sometimes we need to step back, slow down and look at ourselves with fresh eyes. Only then do the absurdities and flaws that we seem to have accepted as the norm become evident, and we can begin to question them.

Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski is an absolute master of this, combining powerful social commentary and satire with beautifully illustrated pieces, to make us sit back and reassess our priorities. “From the beginning I found that illustration was the best way to express my observations,” Pawel said. “I always say, that I’m an illustrator of a surrealistic time, so that is reflected in my work.”

Complimentary Insult

Have you ever gotten a “complimentary insult”? What I mean by that, is that it is meant to be an insult, but in reality compliments a good trait in your personality?

The best one I ever had, was that I was: “Too righteous”

Neewer LED Lights Test Shot

A first test shot without appropriate backdrop, yet it does show the quality of the Neewer lights.

Neewer Video/Photography LED Lights: JYLED-500S

After taking about 6000 pictures, since May 2017 for an eBay store, I decided it was time to upgrade from my old, but trusted, smaller LED lights, to something bigger and more professional. After doing the necessary research, my choice fell on the Neewer JYLED-500S LED lights. The lights will only be used in a studio environment and therefore don’t have to be heavy duty. The price to quality ratio for these lights was perfect for me and I ordered 3 them. Just the lights, since I already have tripods available that fit these lights perfectly.

The price per light is $69.99 with free shipping on Amazon:

A couple of days ago, I took some test shots and I can only confirm that these lights work well considering their price and throw out enough light, (do you ever have enough light?) to be able to comfortably work in a small studio setting. One test shot will be uploaded immediately after this post. More pictures to follow, as soon as I have another Muslin background available.

With its lightweight and durable construction, you can carry this light around wherever you go.
Features a color temperature knob, that can adjust the color temperature from 3200K to 5600K.
A white diffuser can soften the light and enhance skin tones in portrait photography.
The adjustable U-mount bracket makes it easy to change the angle of the light source, to keep reflections to a minimum.

Model: JYLED-500S
LEDs: 480
Voltage: DC 12V
Power: 29W
Color Temperature: 3200-5600K
Lumen: 3360Lux/m
CRI: ≥96
Power Source: Power Adapter or Sony NP-F550 NP-F970 Li-ion Battery
Battery Output: DC 14.8V
Input Voltage: 110-130V

1 JYLED-500S LED Video Light
1 White Diffuser
1 Power Adapter
1 Power Cable
1 Carrying Bag

Koto Music

The past year or so, I have been writing music for the Japanese koto. The koto is a a traditional Japanese stringed instrument derived from the Chinese zheng.

The track below is from a yet unfinished 2nd album. The first album can be found on Bandcamp together with other albums I created.

Mount Everest

As seen from space.


To their phone is what most people are nowadays and they don’t even realize it. What I observe is, that so much valuable time is being wasted. Time that could be spent, doing something positive or worthwhile.

The saddest part of all this is that:
Nearly one-third of children feel unimportant when their parents use their cell phones during meal times, conversations, TV watching and playing outside, according to a recent study.

Guess what? Those same parents wonder why the world is so crazy…


What is that sizzling
in the frying pan?
Those are dumplings,
you silly old man.

Can I have a few
on my empty plate?
No, and if you starve
wouldn’t that be great?

J. 2010

My mother

Loved this picture that I took in 1980 in a swamp area in the Netherlands. As a surprise, I had a print made of the slide and had it framed for her birthday in 1981.